Thursday, October 1, 2015

Errata for my presentations at 2015 AAFP FMX!

My Big Blue Friend and I would like to make you aware of some corrections, additions and explanatory materials from my presentations on Diabetes at the 2015 Family Medicine Experience!  These were sessions CME031 & 032: Diabetes Update 2015: New Trends in an Old Disease.

Slide 31: ACOG Gestational Diabetes Recommendations:
Under the heading "Start medication if" the last line should read "-2-hour 120 mg/dL"

Slide 32: Prevent Diabetes STAT
The url listed no longer works (though it did in the past and remains in the STAT program handouts).  The working URL is: here 

Slide 61: DPP-4 Inhibitors:
Additional Information: on 8-28-15, the FDA issued a Drug Safety Communication noting that rare patients using DPP-4 inhibitors had experienced severe disabling joint pain.  The onset of pain occurred from one day to several years after starting the medication.  The pain usually resolved within one month of stopping the DPP-4i medication.

If you have any further recommendations or have discovered additional errors, please send them to me at

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